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Recliners Chair Covers: What You Should Know

by Young Jun on April 27, 2022

Recliners are excellent for resting and relaxing after a long day or taking a power nap. While it offers comfort, many may not be satisfied with its plain design. Recliners are very simple in appearance and may not add much aesthetic value to an interior. But there is nothing to worry about. Chair covers for recliners will solve this problem. 

But to help you choose the right recliner cover, I am here with this article. Here, I will discuss A to Z about covers for recliners. It will help you understand which cover is suitable for your interior. To make an informed decision, stay with me!

Ready to get a stunning recliner cover? Let’s get started!

2 Types Of Chair Covers For Recliners:

Recliners can be covered with two types of covers. They can either be partially covered or fully enveloped. The choice is completely yours. To understand which one you will like, know the basic difference between the two types of chair covers for recliners.

Here is a quick comparison between these two recliner cover types: 

Parameters Recliner Protector Recliner Slipcover
Coverage Partial coverage Full coverage
Areas Covered Armrest, backrest, seat, headrest Entire recliner
Look Show through; doesn’t alter the entire look of the recliner Changes the entire look of the recliner

Summing up, it can be seen that the recliner protector envelopes only the armrest, backrest, seat, and headrest areas. The back part of the recliner is not covered. It is generally slightly padded to protect the heavily used areas of the recliner. The entire look of the recliner is not altered with the Recliner Protector.


On the other hand, recliner slipcovers cover the entire recliner giving a unique and vibrant look. It offers full coverage and alters the look of the recliner. Besides the look, it protects the entire recliner from dust and spills. 

If you love to change the look of the recliner, go for recliner slipcovers. But if you intend to protect the recliner from damages and want to show the original recliner through, a Recliner Slipcover will be the best. 

5 Steps To Measure Recliner For The Right Cover Size:

Choosing the right recliner cover size seems like a hassle. But if you know the techniques to measure the recliner, you can easily find the right cover size. You can buy a readymade one of the same size or customize the size for the best fitting. Remember, a large or small cover for the recliner won’t give you the same comfort and service as a well-fitted recliner cover.

Here are the simple 5 steps to measure the recliner:

Step 1- Place The Recliner:

Place the recliner in an upright position. Don’t recline the chair while taking the measurement. Keep it in a non-reclining position.

Step 2- Measure The Length:

Use a measuring tape to measure the recliner. The first step is to measure the length of the recliner. To do so, hold the measuring tape at the upper end of the back part of the recliner.

Pull it down to the base of the recliner. In simple words, measure the length of the backside. Note down this measurement as the length of the recliner.

Step 3: Measure The Width:

Don’t measure the width by measuring the width of the backside of the recliner. This is because the armrests are often stretched outwards extending the width of the recliner. So, measure the width of the recliner from the outermost border of one armrest to the other one. Note it down.

Step 4: Measure The Full Length:

Recline the chair fully to take the full-length measurement. Hold the tape at the front base of the recliner and pull it up to the edge of the backrest at the top. Note down this measurement as the full length of the recliner.

Step 5: Match The Size:

Now find the measurement of the cover in the product details section. You can see that H x W x D is mentioned in the section. Match your measurements with the given measurement to know the right size.

Select the one that is closest to your measurement. If the measurement doesn’t match exactly, go for a slightly larger one. You can tuck or sew the extra fabric if required.

How To Keep Chair Covers On Recliners In Place?

The most common problem with recliner covers is that they often slip off the recliner. Though the problem is common with leather recliners, it also occurs with other recliner materials. As you sit and relax on it, the cover may slip off easily if not placed and fixed properly. And fixing the cover on the recliner every time you sit can be disturbing.

Don’t worry. You just need to know the right way of keeping the cover in place. There are a few ways in which you can keep the cover fixed on the recliner. Here are a few ways to keep the chair cover on the recliner in place: 

  • Several cover adhesives and tacks are available in the market. These are tools that can keep the cover in place. The cover doesn’t slip off as the adhesive or tack holds back the edges of the cover. However, consult an expert to know if it would damage the condition of the recliner or not. 
  • Recliners have edges that are slightly hollow. You can snugly tuck in the cover throughout the periphery of the recliner. Start from one point and keep tucking in the edges of the cover into the crevices. You may use a spatula to tuck the fabric deeper into the crevices of the recliner. 
  • Full coverage slipcovers mostly feature velcro tabs, zippers, elastic or ties. This is the easiest way to prevent the cover from slipping off the recliner. Tightly tie the ties or secure the velcro tabs to keep the cover in place. Close the zipper or fix the elastic to prevent slipping off. 
  • You may use non-slip shelf liners to prevent the cover from slipping off. This liner adds friction and keeps the cover in place. Place a sheet of non-slip shelf liner on the backrest and seat cushion and fix the cover on it. This increases the friction keeping the cover fixed. 

These are some possible ways of preventing the recliner cover from slipping off the recliner.  

Is It Better To Reupholster Or Slipcover Recliners?

Reupholstering means putting a permanent layer of upholstery over the original recliner upholstery. Many people assume that it makes the recliner durable, ignoring the benefits of slipcovers for recliners. But in reality, slipcovers can be more useful than reupholstering.

The first point is, recliner covers are cheaper than reupholstery. Reupholstery requires removing paddings and installation is difficult. The process is complicated and the upholstery material is pricey. On the other hand, buying and installing a slipcover is easy and less expensive. 

Moreover, cleaning and maintaining slipcovers is way easier than maintaining a reupholster. Slipcovers are removable and washable. Reupholster is not removable and cleaning it is difficult. Therefore, a slipcover for a recliner is better than reupholster.

Which Chair Cover Is Best For Leather Recliners?

In my opinion, you need not put any cover on leather recliners. The leather recliner has its own gravity and elegance that adorns an interior. Also, pure leather is durable and wear-resistant. It won’t wrinkle or tear easily. However, you need to clean and maintain it properly.

But if you want extra protection for your leather recliner, go for quilted or plush cotton covers. These covers are thin and comfortable. The solid texture and color blend perfectly with the shade of the leather giving a natural look. Try not to choose patterned or designed covers as they would fade away the glamor of the leather recliner. 

You can also use velvet covers to add a touch of luxury and warmth to the leather recliner. Avoid installing silk as it may slip off easily. Woolen, twill, or denim covers would look mundane on a glossy leather recliner. An alternative to cotton is microfiber covers. They are synthetic but look stunning.

How To Clean Chair Covers For Recliners?

Cleaning chair covers for the recliner is easy. In fact, the biggest benefit of installing a recliner cover is that you can remove and wash it anytime.

After cleaning, wash the covers with cold water and let them dry well. You may iron the covers to remove the wrinkles and bring back the gloss and clean look of the cover. Install it on the recliner again.


You have learned the techniques of adorning an interior with an ideal recliner cover. The recliner cover not only decorates the recliner and room but also adds comfort and protects the recliner. So, you need to choose carefully.

What are you waiting for? Read the article again and grab the best recliner covers!