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The Best Protective Couch Covers for Pets and Kids

by Young Jun on May 21, 2022

Messy fingers and muddy paws don't stand a chance against these sofa slipcovers!

Slipcovers and protective covers are our favorite secret weapons against just about any sofa-related conundrum you could find yourself in.

Constantly playing defense between your sticky-fingered toddler and the leather sofa you splurged on after graduation? Protect your investment with a waterproof and sippy cup-resistant sofa slipcover.

Neck deep in potty-training efforts (animal or child)? Sidestep a messy fiasco with a non-slip protective couch cover.

Still working with the well-loved loveseat from college while you save up for your splurge-worthy sofa? A sofa slipcover hides a multitude of sins and can give your space a fresh, new look while you save for your dream sofa.

How to Choose the Best Couch Cover

Our top tip is to take a step back and assess your lifestyle before investing in either a sofa slipcover or protective couch cover for your space. Slipcovers that cover the entire sofa are ideal for anyone on a mission to hide worn upholstery or give their design a totally new look. On the other hand, protective couch covers are great for guarding your sofa against short-term issues like unpredictable toddlers and messy animals.

For long-term use, look for performance fabric or a bleach-friendly white upholstery that you can make look brand-new time and time again. Other great couch cover fabrics include twill blend, stretchy polyester, cotton duck, denim, canvas and heavy-weight linen.

Ready to find the perfect cover for your sofa? Shop our favorite protective couch covers for every style and budget below.

Refresh your living room design (or hide that impossible-to-remove cushion stain) with this Waterproof Magic Sofa Cover. The design is failproof and universal; each fabric cover is ultra-stretchy polyester that molds to any sofa. Oh, and it’s under $60, which is always a plus. Snag it in the black finish seen here or scoop up one of other finishes instead. 

#2 Printed Sofa Loveseat Slipcover


Breathe new life into your living room: Reincarnate your old sofa and protect it from spills, wearing & tearing!

#3 Stretch Soft Velvet Sofa Covers


This beautiful and large enough Velvet Plush sofa cover makes for a highly valuable addition to any living room. It is the perfect choice for all those who are in need of functionality and utility value, but want to avoid compromising on good looks and aesthetic appeal. High recommended for both leather and cloth furniture.

#4 L-Shaped Couch Covers (3 Seater + 3 Seater)


Our sectional couch covers not only protect your sofa from stains but also give a wonderful visual sense if your origin sofa looks a bit broken or not so new.

#5 Waterproof Anti-Scratching Sofa Seat Slipcover


Proud owner of a spoiled pooch who disregards all furniture-related boundaries? Add Waterproof Anti-Scratching Sofa Seat Slipcover to your cart. Comes in the same high-quality upholstery, including tons of their top-notch performance fabric options, too. We’re obsessed with this concept because, unlike true slipcovers, this throw can be removed in seconds to prepare for the occasional non-shedding, pawless guests.

#6 Non-slip Waterproof Sofa Slipcover

From $54.66

This reversible quilted sofa protector takes the cake for our top budget-friendly pick. It caters to both box and T-shaped sofa cushions. Bonus: Once it’s seen one-too-many muddy paws, you can toss it in the washer and it will come out looking brand new.

#7 Elastic Stretch Plaid Couch Furniture Covers


The only thing better than your favorite plaids is this Elastic Stretch Plaid Couch Furniture Covers. The machine-washable cover is crafted to last. The one-piece design features an attached skirt, cinched seats, four corner pleats and darling tie closures under each arm.

#8 Bohemian Throw Blanket Sofa Covers


Guard your leather sofa against scratches and spills with the Bohemian Throw Blanket Sofa Covers. The cozy microfleece design is reversible. Each cover boasts an undetectable waterproof interior that keeps your cushions damage-free while entertaining your grandkids or playing with an especially precocious pup.